Pet Bitz

Pet Bitz

The stall and Shirley

Hi, we are Shirley and Mike. We run a pet stall on Dorchester Market every Wednesday morning and at Wareham Market on Saturdays. We have recently expanded our Wareham stall to provide a larger range of products.

We sell all sorts of animal products including sacks of seeds and peanuts, Burns Dog Food and a huge selection of dog toys and hide chews.

A delivery service operates for large orders within 10 miles of Dorchester and we also deliver to Wareham on Saturdays. Please contact us for a quote.

We stock the New Halter Lead which makes a pulling dog a thing of the past. Trials have shown that a few days with one of these and the dog does not pull or try to get at other dogs. At only £12.50 each these are a bargain not to be missed!

Special promotions on dog beds and mats from £6.00 up to £40.00.

We have been running the stall at Dorchester Market for over nine years and have many loyal customers. We have seen competitors come and go but year on year our sales grow.

We are avid animal lovers having had a variety of pets and working dogs for many years. As such we are able to offer friendly advice about the products that we sell.